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3. Lyn – February 13, 2008[Edit]

I was a Truda girl–went for several years until the owner died, and then moved on to Rapputak. My brother went to Tall Timbers and then on to Cedar. I was at Truda when I was around 8, so that would have been around 1967.

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Rapputak is having a reunion on the 11th.
They have a group for it and everything.
Email me if you need info:

I also was a Truda girl – Club Bunk ’53!!!! Makes me a lot older than you! Camp was fabulous and was the best part of my young life. I now live in Baltimore (originally Elkins Park; suburb of Phila). If any interest in writing me, you can reach me at
Shirley Belaga

Me too, Truda girl, ten years, cub captain 1956 when in Club. ADORED! Truda…in fact so much so that I moved to Maine a few miles from Truda from Palm Beach, FL in 1999. Still in contact with my old friends from Truda. My name then was karen Singer, now Karen Wright of Baker Hill Farm in Waterford, ME.

Did you know Marion wife?

4. makingyourdashcount – February 13, 2008[Edit]

I DO love the internet! Lyn, I am thinking we could have been bunkmates at Truda or missed by one year. I was born in ‘58, and went to Truda for three years, from 5-7 or 8. Tall Timbers closed when my dad sold the camp. I have a lot of childhood memories there: drinking from the well, avoiding the boys and hanging out on the beach. Oh what a life.

I see you went to a camp your dad owned. i would like to talk with you. I also went to a camp, sunningdale that my father owned .
janice goldberg hathaway

I am dong a research project on Jewish summer camps in Maine.
Please tell me if my information is correct:
Sunningdale was in Standish and operated from 1940-1973
Founded by the Haskells. Camp is for girls. Thanks for your prompt reply.
Nancy Levinsky
Camp Rapputak 1972-1975
Camp Naomi 1976-1982

5. Lyn – February 16, 2008[Edit]

I was born in ‘59 and we could well have been in your cabin. I was jealous that my older brother went to camp, so I started earlier than most–I had just turned 8. I remember being in the youngest cabin (and the trunk room) and earning colored felt rays for my Truda “sun”. I remember the camp owner telling stories by the fireplace, but not much else. I went back to Truda one more year after the owner died, but was not very happy with the changes. My parents switched me to Camp Rapputak (Fryeburg, ME) the following year.

7. Jennifer Garson Beck – March 8, 2008[Edit]

I am a truda girl, and would love to get in touch with other truda girls. I am especially interested in talking to lyn who said she was a camper there when the owner, “uncle” ed dibner died (while attending a reunion in florida) that was in 77 or 78. I was part of the cleveland contingent. camp ran for one more summer after uncle ed died. I am confused about tall timbers, as i thought that was also run by dibner family. I use to take creative writing “classes” from eds brother Martin dibner, who lived down the road, on what i thought was former tall timbers property. I would love to be in touch with any and all truda girls…my plan is to start some sort of web forum but dont know how yet…Lyn, please feel free to give my email to other truda girls.

I was also a Truda girl, from 1958, grew up in Westchsters, NY, and went for six years, skipping a year to go to a summer program in Switzerland. I went back as a counselor and went to a women’s college because I loved Truda so much. Am still friendly with some bunkmates, and one Truda girl was in my wedding party! Be Truda closed sent my two Midwestern daughters to Walden and Tapawingo, not the same!!!! I have been back to Maine and visited the site but now owned by several families. Who will organize a giant reunion. Barbara Ballinger

Do the names Lynda Siegel, Pee Wee Grossman, Barbara Toll, Dale Lindenberg ring any bells? All Truda girls around your time.

This reply to Linda…did I just see Jason on TV? That’s great,!

I believe that I may have been at Truda with you. I went for six years starting in 1958 or 1959. Can’t remember. My name was Terri Gershon. I really loved Truda!

I started at Truda in 61 or 62 and went for a few years. I grew up in New Rochelle. I think your name sounds familiar

Hi Jennifer
I was truda girl too in 1974. i am Gail Kleinman. My sister LIsa went there too. I was part of the White Plains contingent. Would love to get in touch with Truda girls too.

8. makingyourdashcount – March 8, 2008[Edit]

Jennifer, I passed your email onto Lyn. MArtin lived across the street from the camp, although when it was in session he may have lived on site. We were very close to the dibners In fact, I am thinking that perhaps dad bought the camp from ed. It wouldn’t surprise me if ed didn’t like the camp management part.. running it in the summer and recruiting in the winter. Seems to me that he was in charge of the counselors… hmmm. During camp season he would have lived down by the Thurstons. (Do you remember all the Thurston girls at Truda?)

10. Jennifer Garson Beck – March 15, 2008[Edit]

my sister and i have remained in touch with charlie, who married head counselor Eddy Ann, though i cannot pinpoint what year.
Wondering if any of you were campers or workers in the summer of 74 when a tornado came through on July 4th. I remember sitting in my bunk, Pines in the youngest section of camp and we had to stay in the mddle of the bunk, I was oblivious at the time, but the counselors, Dixie Blakely, Fern Holzman and Ann or Amy who was a huge mic jagger fan, i am sure were acutely aware that the many tall pines that lined the road from the office to the big rec building were tumbled like toothpicks. The next several weeks were kind of surreal. The counselors had to lug lake water in trash cans to make the toilets work and there was no power for quite some time. Its amazing that noone was hurt, though i remember some kitchen staff were in a car that a tree fell on, wiht an infant i think, but they were fine.

17. Jennifer Garson Beck – March 19, 2008[Edit]

i am wondering if truda was sold twice, once as a camp and once after ed died? but i really thought the dibners owned it for a long time

18. kitchen boy – March 19, 2008[Edit]

i don’t think ed owned it. i think Paul’s family Ester, Charlie, and Willa

You are right. paul Dibner owned Camp Truda. I was born in 1952 and went to Truda with Paul’s daughter, Willa Dibner. I loved it. After that, I went to Camp Tapawingo.

Also, Grandmother Dibner was a big part of my camp days at Truda. I visited her often. I had one summer of being so homesick, but my favorite memories are walking from the dining room to the lake. I can still remember the tree roots sticking up on the path.

20. Debbie Simon Zingler – April 8, 2008[Edit]

Hi – i am a Truda alum – found your notes. (Debbie Simon) I was in Mowana – when the Tornado hit on the 4th of July. The camp closed after our “club” year and then had no where to go 😦 Wendy S. and I recently tracked Charlie & Eddy Ann down and have been emailing with them. Sue MacDonald started a group on facebook. “I went to Camp Truda”.

21. makingyourdashcount – April 8, 2008[Edit]

Thanks for letting me know about the facebook group. I joined 🙂

26. Maxine Ollove – May 7, 2008[Edit]

Wow, I can’t believe I have found Camp Truda people! I was a camper from summers of 1962 thru 1968, and have nothing but happy memories. I still treasure my sun banner, and becoming a sun girl was a big achievement in my life as a child. I have such fond memories of the Dibner family, especially Paul, Esther, Willa and Charlie. I think that Willa lives in Bangor, Maine (or did for a long time), and I think Charlie is in Portland. Any more Truda girls out there?

27. makingyourdashcount – May 8, 2008[Edit]

I have to tell you how exciting this has been for me to find all of you! Never did I think that one little blog post would bring so many people together.

Maxine, I was there at the same time as you, but was one of the pesky younger campers at the time.

One of my most vivid memories was walking blindfolded through cooked spaghetti at a “haunted cabin.” You older campers were “awesome.” 🙂

34. Diane – May 30, 2008[Edit]

Diane-Holy Cow! At last, Camp Truda memories! Maxine, I remember you.. and I have a bunk photos with you in them. Susan R. sent them to me.I was there starting age 7 in 1960, went all the way through to Club, 1968.( We put on an Egyptian themed Ti-Cub. ) I had appendicitis and ended up having surgery in Maine Medical Center the 2nd day of camp in 1964, and I remainded at camp anyway after discharge. I think Kawani was the first bunk. Still have my Sun banner too. Can’t describe my feelings for Truda other than it has a permanent place in my heart .
I loved Paul and Esther. The very best thing was to be invited to their lodge for nighttime stories and marshmellow roasts. They had a small dog named Bijoux. Truda was sanity. So lucky to have been there

35. Diane Neas – May 31, 2008[Edit]

I am very sure that my sister Audrey is still in touch with the Oshers, Sara Lee, Pam Horowitz and a few others from her bunk… Anyone know what happened to the Barkin girls?

I am related to the Barkins from Boston, there were Barkin boys but no girls in my generation.
I was a Truda girl from 1935 to 1946.. I just celebrated my 69 th wedding anniversary! We go to Maine every summer…
I loved that camp, even loopy Ma Thorner and dear Pa.
Ellyn Polshek (nee Margolis)

I was there from 1947-52.. My sister was there the same years. I remember loving the beauty of the place but hating the girls ! We were too young to be sent away. Ma Thorner! Dolly! The services! The little engine that could sermon! I was there in1999 . Poking around the overgrown campus. My daughter was at Bates college nearby. I saw the pegs to hang bathrobes at the waterfront.! The totem pole! The dining hall.

38. Joy Arsham Anzalone – June 9, 2008[Edit]

I have for many years attempted every so often to do a google search of people that were friends of mine while attending Camp Truda! Those were amazing years! Just got a voice mail (today) from a fellow Clevelander who told me about the site and that a reunion was being put together! That is fabulous! I do not recall my exact years at Truda but I think I was in my Club year in 1972 and was captain of the Cubs! I think 1969 was my first year! After the camp closed–I actually got permission from the Dibners to go back with some friends when we were vacationing in Maine, to show my boyfriend at the time (now my husband) the camp that had provided so many excellent memories. My sister went to Camp Truda after I did as well. I see there is a New York reunion in July–and though that date may not be great for me–I would love to hear more about it!! Great job to whomever started some form of communications with Truda alumnai! Thanks and look forward to hearing more!

I was at Truda in the ’40s,cannot remember exact dates. But graduated after ‘club’ and being caaptain of the Cubs. Remember Ma Thorner, Dottie, Dolly and Dutchie. It was a remarkable camp, was friends with the greatest girls, and learned so much. And treasured my Sun. My two sisters are also Truda alums.
Would love to be in touch with people from my era…special to remiinisce.

I was a Truda girl for 10 years, finishing in Club in 1956 and was Cub Captain. I cherish those years, came back to visit several times. in fact, after Tall Timbers sold Truda to a developer, Marty Dibner let me have the Captains plaques which i still have proudly hanging on my walls along with my sun. I moved to Maine in 1999 just a few minutes from Truda!

I love reading about Truda and especially about the Thorners. Dottie Thorner was my grandmother so I grew up hearing so much about this wonderful place – about Gertrude or “Ma Thorner” as you all seem to know her. I met Dolly a few times and Dutchie maybe once. I’ve always wanted to see the place where my dad grew up. So, finally, my husband and I are planning a trip to Maine and would love to visit Camp Truda’s site – Any suggestions, details or directions you can provide would be amazing. Thank you!

So wow! Camp Truda! 2017 and I’ve found some of you! I was there in the 60s. My first two years I think I was in Pines. I know we where the youngest bunk. My bunk mates would get mad at me for walking around topless!!!
I was there when that tornado hit! Boy do I remember that! I’m not sure if anyone is writing still on this blog but Joy Arsham … if you see this… you and I had a ton of years together!!!! I was sue back then. Thanks so much all of you for opening up my memory bank. You really have no idea how much this means to me. I’m literally in tears reading all your memories and recollections of our happy times. My email if anyone cares to convers is

39. Diane – June 9, 2008[Edit]

Can someone please advise when the Truda reunion is in July and the location, etc…I’m not into the Facebook think yet. Thanks

I went to Truda way way back in the 50’s and would love to hear from other campers. I was there for 6 years ’51-’56 and started in Bunny Camp and ended in Bunk 8 in Senior Camp. Is there going to be a reunion this summer? Please let me know. When I went there the girls in my bunk were from NY, Englewood, N.J., Elkins Park, Pa and Harrison , N.Y. The owner was “Ma Thorner” who lived in NYC, she and her daughter managed the camp.

I’m not on facebook yet but maybe will try that too. Thanks

Dear Patti,
I was a Truda Camper from 1938-1944 and loved every minute. Dutchy was our head counselor my last year in Club. Did the hurricane cause the camp to close? Ma and Pa Thorner, Dotty and Dolly, were in charge. Would love to hear from you.

Patti is that you? We were in the same bunk – I’m Shirley Rosenthal. I now live in Baltimore. Wouldn’t it be great to get something going? I have seen Audrey and Reba (Reba lives in Potomac about 50 miles from me. Please reply to
xoxox – Shirley

Patti – I know that this is an old post but if you are still checking in on this blog – I’d love to talk to you about Truda. Ma Thorner was my great grandmother and her daughter that managed the camp was my Grams. I am hoping to visit the area in late September – I’d love to hear stories about your time there. Thank you!

Do not remember you. I went to Truda from /948 thru 1952. Left after Club bunk. My name was Shirley Rosenthal. Any bells? 😃

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could you possibly be Patti Josephs-i was at Truda in the 50s and i called you Patti-Jo–my sister Nancy Strauss Freedman and i,Audrey Strauss Doniger still sing camp songs–every thing from “Dear Ma Thorner”to “Burn Fire Burn” and all the tiger and cub songs– i’m on facebook but rarely use it–only to keep up with my grandchildren—would love to hear from you–that is,if it is you

I was Truda Girl and Captain of the Cubs around 1964 and my name was Donni Bortman.
Would love love love to be in touch with any and all Truda Girls or anyone who went to Truda in the 1950’snow or even into the 60’s. I was Donni Bortman (now Rappaport) and Lester Eisenberg from Tall Timbers if you see this please email me at
If Patti Lakin reads this you were my big sister and our tree was named “Panda”.
Please get in touch so we can catch up on life 55+ years ago.

Did you know my wife.marion fiur?.

41. Donna glick – June 15, 2008[Edit]

Wow, what old and wonderful memories. Does any one remember the Glick girls. There were 4 of us. Lisa, Donna Laura and Michelle. Lisa sang and we were all know for our swimming. We were there in the late 60’s to 70’s I heard there was a Truda site out there. Those were great times. I would love to find out more about what is going on with everyone.

Hi Donna I remember the Glick girls! My sister Lisa and I went to camp Truda too in the 70’s. We also are from New Rochelle. Would love to hear about everyone and how they are doing.

I remember the Glick girls

45. carol – July 11, 2008[Edit]

hi-i went to truda from 1950-1966-taught golf as counslor when the dibners took over from ma thoner-i started at truda at age 6 and because i was so young was in lovenest 2 times-is anyone out there from the years ma owned truda?

I was there from 56-63….but I started at age 7; when I was there, a woman came in each morning to braid our hair…can you believe that?

How wonderful to see your name if only on a Truda memories site. I was talking with Richard Cutler, now an attorney in NYC, about Tall Timbers and he pointed me to that site. Hope you and yours are well. Remember when you, Ed David, and I spent our day off going to Boothbay Harbor, drifting in a boat, and then to the Cabbage Island Clambake? Such wonderful memories.

I was at Truda in 1956, Club and Cub Captain after 10 years at camp. Still corresponding with Ellen Levy, Joanie Lubar and others. In fact, I moved to Maine from Palm Beach because of my wonderful memories and am thrilled I did. Am only minutes from Truda. My brother went to Pohatan and many of his friends have summer homes here now.

oh, my gosh, Susie Harrison I remember you in a bunk with Marilyn Silton! I went to Conn College because of her in part but transferred to Barnard. Loved camp, started with Ma Thorner, continued with Dibners and so sad when it closed. But as I wrote sent my two daughters to girl camps in Maine–different ones because of the owners. We love Maine; I remember you and your sister Polly as great swimmers. I still have my suns and medals. Barbara

Do I know you ??? I went to Trude ’51-’56 and started in Bunny Bunk? Do you remember the nurse that came around every day?

nior camp and finished in Club when we were too old to return.

My name was Shirley Rosenthal and I went to Truda from ’48 thru’ ’52. I can’t think of anyone I knew by the name of Carol. Obviously we were at camp together! You can email me at
Hope to hear from you!

Hi Shirley—my name was Audrey Strauss and i too went to Truda in the late ’40s up until my last year in “club–your name caught my eye because i live in Westport, Ct. and Julie Belaga is a very politically active woman here—any relation???–also i was wondering what happened to the trees???–at the end of club there was a ceremony in which we chose “little sisters” and planted a tree together—and now i know who you are!!!!—my sister Nancy callled me this a.m. to tell me about the camp Truda site–and told me about linking up with you—i wish i still had all my pictures–everything,including my sun— drowned in a flood that i had in my basement many years ago.–nice hearing about all the really old Truda girls—–Audrey now Doniger

Carol?? Friedman by any chance? My name is Shirley Rosenthal Sheerr-Belaga. I was at Truda from ’48 thru’ ’52. “Graduated” Club bunk and was not allowed to come back. There was no CIT or JC program (A few exceptions). I lived in Elkins Park, PA and now live in Blatimore. I would love to hear from you. My e-mail address is Please write!!

What is your name today?
Mine is Donni Bortman Rappaport if that rings any bells.

46. makingyourdashcount – July 11, 2008[Edit]

I’m betting you were my golf instructor 🙂

48. Nancy Wiener – July 28, 2008[Edit]

Hello Camp Truda alumni!!! While waiting to eat @ Naples Lobster Pound this weekend I met Debbie Simon Zingler and was told about a possible reunion which led me to this blog! Truda holds a warm spot in my heart – the songs, the smell of pine.. My mother, Virginia Sternheimer ( 1939-1946) and sister, Barbara (1962-1968) were campers and Tiger captains and I (Nancy) attended 1967 and 1969. I visited the property last year – not much left other than Rec Hall and a house that I think was the mess hall. So exciting to read all the memories.

dear Nancy,
Your mother and I were at Truda together and I have many fond memories(loved your Mom’s southern accent)..
Winnie and I just had lunch together here in Florida and we both took a trip back through memory lane 70 years ago when we first met for camp in Grand Central Station in New York. Your Mom was probably on the same train but we had not yet met. I’m from Baltimore and have returned to Truda’s site.
Give your Mom my best and I would love to hear from you.
Peggy Stemmler Rosenthal

I am doing a project on the History of Jewish Summer Camps in Maine for Etz Chaim Synagogue in Portland. Does anyone know the dates of operaton for Camp Truda? Was it in Naples? Any information is helpful.
Nancy Silverman Levinsky
Camp Rapputak 1972-1975
Camp Naomi 1976-1982

Dear Nancy: your Mother, Virginia, was the first name I recognized on thisvblog. My Sister and I, Barbara and Ellen Margolis-before marriage-went to Truda from ’35 to ’45. I would love to hear from any truda girls out there.

49. Debbie Simon Zingler – July 28, 2008[Edit]

Hi Nancy – Betsy told me you posted here – how funny – I sent you a link for the TRUDA group on facebook..Check it out. Terrific meeting you Saturday night – too funny.

50. BJ Miller Kantola – July 30, 2008[Edit]

Hi Camp Truda Alums – I went to Truda with my family in the 70’s until it closed. My dad, Jim Miller was the tennis coach. My Mom Barbara Miller arrnaged dances with the boys camps. I have great memories and still dream about walking the main road from the rec hall to the dining hall. I was thinking about Truda lately and thought I’d check out the internet to see if there was any news. It is great to find you all on the net!

52. Judy McConn Fischlin – August 10, 2008[Edit]

Hello Truda alumni,
Judy McConn Fischlin here – I was a counselor at Truda 1964 – 1971. Great memories; and it’s great to reconnect with those who spent time at Camp. I observed many girls become young ladies throughout the years at camp and often wondered what roads they ventured down in the years following. Memories of the 3-day mountain trio, the various day trips, the 3- day canoe trip, and of course – Club’s trip to Quebec.
Names from my Truda era – the Farb sisters (Betsey & Sue), the Fruchtman girls from Toledo, Susan Rainess, & of course I will have to go through my photos to refresh my aging memory of the many others. I have connected with some on facebook.
i live in the greater Cleveland area and teach elementary physical education.

hey! Donna Stevens Trimboli here…my mom was the camp nurse when you and Nancy Eisenberg were the head staff!

Wow, another Truda girl connects. Donna, your name has been mentioned in various conversations among Truda people. They have a facebook group – I went to Camp Truda. Many memories shared!!

69. Gail Fox (Terri Harlan) – October 18, 2008[Edit]

Ok Carol – I went to Truda from 1944 to 1951 and Ma Thorner certainly did own the camp then. As a matter of fact, my father attended when Pa Thorner was alive and I have pictures of him at camp with tents and a baseball bat. When Pa died and Ma took over with her two daughters, Dolly and Dottie I went there. It was a beautiful camp and I loved it but now that I think back on the Cub/Tiger groups and the campfires and the totem pole and the singing of songs like “Dear Ma Thorner, our hearts to you, our hands to you” – makes me laugh and wonder. I went back in 1951 as a “gopher” and lived at that georgeous building we had services at (I can’t remember the name of it)..I have many memories. Please let me hear from you and maybe there are some bunkmates of mine out there. My name at the time was Gail Fox, now known as Terri Harlan and I live in Florida!

I went to Camp Truda in the 70s. My aunt, however, told me that she taught dance there in the 1940s. Did you know Harriet “Jimmie” Garfunkel? I was never quite sure she was on the up and up with this one!

God, I haven’t thought of that song in years. Where you from originally? When I think of all the non P.C. ways that were customary there I’m embarassed to tell people that were had women to wash our hair (in inner camp) and that we had waiters from African American colleges and I had no idea where these people lived during the summer because we never saw them.
The name of the building where you must have lived was “the Lodge” Saturday Morning services were held there and well as the flag raising ceremony for the cleaning bunk during that week.

Hi Patti,

I remember your name and I think I remember you. I was at Truda from 1947-1955,and then as a counselor in 59 or 60, the first year the Dibners took over (altho Ma was there in her shack!)

All your memories are right on target, although I don’t remember spam for dinner on Sundays! In retrospect, it was really a very “victorian” kind of camp, but I have wonderful memories.

I wish I could find more people from “my day,” but I don’t know their married names. It’s strange that Ma never had a reunion like other camps. in fact, Truda is probably the only reunion that i would really have wanted to attend.

Karen Singer was from Philadelphia. Heidi Lehrman’s sister Fredricka(altho she called herself Candy ) was in Club ’55 with me. The Lehrman family(from DC) were friends of my cousins Penny & Connie lLaurans. Heidi died, this past spring, from cancer. Connie died in the nid-90’s after a 17 yr long struggle with brain cancer. Penny is alive and well and working at Yale.

You can join Facebook, but not join the group(it is an open group which means you can read all the posts, but can’t post directly to the group, but can click on the poster picture and reply to individuals.

Gail…your last year was my first year in Bunny Bunk. Where are you from originally?

I think Patti Kaplan you were in my bunk at Camp Truda for a number of years. My name was Marion Fiur. Mona Scheer, Judy Ellenberg, Betty Greenberg, Ellen Jacobson, and Dinah Levinsohn were also campers in some of the years that we were together. Do any of the names ring a bell? I loved camp and would love to connect with anyone that was there when I went.

Wow, voices from a very distant past. I attended Truda at the same time you did. My maiden name was Susan Stern. I believe we were in the same bunk for a number of years. Along with Gail ? and Patty ?. Does this ring a bell?? I loved Camp Truda and have absolutely wonderful memories. When my daughter, Debbi, was ready for camp we interviewed someone from Truda, but Debbi (now 48 !) chose Camp Mataponoi…in Naples as well. My son Barry (now 45) also went to camp in Naples but I’m “blank” at the moment as to that name right now. My two grandsons (14 & 16) both went to Camp Takajo in Naples. So, for now, the Maine camp years are over.

I too live in Florida, West Palm Beach. I moved down in January of 2008, from New York City. I’d love to get together, if you’d like, when I return in early October. Right now I’m spending the next 5 weeks in NJ at my daughter’s home.

Again, loved hearing from you and some of the other Truda gang. Hope to hear from you again.

Susan Stern Hoffman

hi Susan–we should all get together and sing camp songs–love, your friend from camp and ,harbor hills and hillcrest ,and all those other places where we had so much fun

Wow, so great seeing and reading your comments on camp Truda. I haven’t found any names from earlier postings that I recognized until today. Hope all is well with you Audrey, write me.

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Susan: Just found this post and had to answer! I would love to get together since we really don’t live that far from each other. Can you email me at

That “georgeous building” was called The Lodge I believe. I was at Truda for 10 years, ending in 1956 in Club and as Cub Captain. It was such a wonderful time that I moved here FROM FL, Palm Beach, in 1999.

hi gail–i’m glad you knew the history of Truda being a boys camp–i remember you well–susan stern Hoffmans father also went to Truda when “Pa Thorner” ran it.—Wasn’t the building “The Lodge”?–the names of the bunks were hilarious—how about “Mas’shack”–and lovenest and bunny—-

I went to Truda from 1953-1963 when Ma Thorner was there and Dottie and Dollie and Dutchie was the head counselor. Then I was there for several years with the Dibners; I am actually in touch with several people who were there with me…anyone remember that far back???

Yep . . .
There’s somebody out there who remembers that far back, Susie Harrison.
But when I’m gone, it’s all gone. . .
Of course, Mauri archives the internal Truda parts (personnel and activities) better than I do but the ownership, business, histories of both camps and their operational information is all crammed into my skull . . .
So, here’s the deal . . . you put me in contact with Jay and I, in return, confirm to the world that you actually existed, were pretty, smart, capable, charming and had a fast mouth.
Other than that, you could end up as one of the sassiest ghosts that ever went to camp. . .
How’s that for an offer you can’t refuse, Susie Harrison?
With my love to all the Harrisons (you, J, L and M)

I am thrilled to be in touch with you! Alas, I can’t put you in touch with Jay—he passed away 13 years ago…but if you want Lee or mark, I’ll be happy to do that!
I am married–my husband’s name is Sandy; we have three kids: Debbie, Sarah and Alex; all are married (as of 4/4/09) and we have one granddaughter; I am a residential realtor inthe DC area……and you?????

Charlie: can’t claim to be a Truda girl but have very fond memories of visiting the Dibners ( specifically you and Mauri) at Camp Truda. I have lost contact with you over the years and would love to hear from you and your sister. Still see Rory Jones (née Kaplon) occasionally. Paul Safer

Charlie–remember me? Barbara Ballinger, I am still in touch with four bunkmates, and see that Susie Harrison lives in DC, my younger daughter and her husband are in Baltimore, my other daughter is in NYC and my mom, almost 94, is in NYC now. Loved your folks and family, and once saw your cousin ???? at Yale! How are your sibs?

I remember sneaking into Truda late one night with your brother Jay and another counselor I have forgotten. My “date” that night was Jane Levine. It was all quite innocent. Also remember banana bread at the Casco Inn. There are very few memories from TT/Truda that are anything but warm and fond.

What’s your email address???

So sorry to read of Jay’s passing, he was my
favorite counselor @ Tall Timbers, Bunk 13-1962,
and oh, how he liked to sleep! Mark was a bunkmate,
I think. Best to all!

I’m pretty sure I remember you although I am a few years younger. (It’s nice to know at this point that someone is older than I am…) As a matter of fact, I can picture you. I think I started in 1959 in Mowana and went for the next 5 years or so. I started when the Dibners bought the camp and my brother was at Tall Timbers. I can picture the camp perfectly. I think I remember you in Club. Were you a captain? My counselor for 2 years was KK Scott from Tennesee.. I remember the words to pretty much all the songs-

Ann Chanin Gold

hi Ann–
you are the first person whose name i recognize on this site!! my name is jan corash and i also went to truda when the dibners bought it– and had been at wenonah before that. i believe we were either in the club bunk( the oldest bunk) together when we ” ran “the color war or i was just a year ahead of you??? I can’t really see who is referring to who all the time in this, so who do you remember from those years? The names that i remember off hand are: laurie who was very athletic, betty harris, nancy stone, karen dolan, and someone who had a beautiful singing voice, and ruth ann greenberg,

Hi BJ – I definitely remember all of you Miller girls and your parents. You should join the Facebook group called I went to Camp Truda. We have almost 100 people there now with lots of discussions going on. Tell your sisters too! Wendy Saltman Sullivan

Susan, our years certainly overlap. I was there from ’51-’56. Where did you grow up?

I was a truda camper from 1936-1944. Ma and Pa Thorner were the directors-I started in inter camp and after Club, we were kicked out.
Today I am meeting Winnie green, a bunkmate, for lunch. I live in Florida and would love to hear from any and all of my contempories.

I am heading to PBI on Wed do you live Ion the east Coast or West Coast of Florida. I remember many of the people you mentioned in your notes. I just found Mona Sheerr on Facebook, she was in my bunk for years. would love to meet you in Fla or NYC to laugh about our old escapades.

I am Mona Sheerr’s soister-in-law; Shirley Rosenthal. I went to Truda from ’48 and “graduated” Club ’52. I am about 4 years older than Mona. We had a great bunk and I would love to get in touch with some bunkmates. I’ve already been in touch with Audrey Scharfer and Reba Tanenbaum. It would be nice to find some other bunkmates out there. I’ve checked high schools and reunion books but to no avail.

Lord, i remember Mona Sheerr and her cousin, too. And I remember your name. Were you a friend of Ellen Levy’s? I live just a few minutes away from Truda now, having moved here from Palm Beach in 1999. If you ever come back this way let me know.


I don’t know how to respond to this site, but I went to Truda from l948 to l954. Started in Kowani, I think, and went through Club. It was a whole culture of its own, and I would love to talk about it with people, especially those who were there around my time. I remember Ma, Dollie, Dotty and Dutchie, and Ann Paris, the dramatics teacher, and all the singing, and getting the rays and medals for the sun — it’s amazing. I can never describe it to people, so again, I’d love to hear from anyone from that time.


I remember you. You were in Mowana when I was either in Robin’s nest or Pine. I was at Truda in 1948, 1949, and 1955.I vividly remember those days even getting a sore throat and having to stay in the infirmary where Lynnie took such good care of me. I also remember having to go to the team rehearsals on
the steps of the lodge or the other building on the main road.
I came from NJ and also remember the boxed lunches on the train from Grand Central. I remember Linda Brick, Marjorie Steisel, Barbara Greenberg, Carol Seitchik, Susan Goodstein, Candy Lehrman, Conny Portnoy, Susan Rosenbluth, Jane Siegel(captain of the tiger team in 1955) and many more. It would be fun to hear from you.

In was there from 1951-56 and remember many of the names you mention. It would be great to have a reunion for the old group “before Ma sold to the Dibners”….most of the people in the Facebook group are in Cleveland and after our time.

Hi Margot !!

I just stumbled on this site…there is a Facebook group
‘I went to Camp Truda”. It’s an open group; I can see the posts, but I can’t post to it as I’m not an official member. I really don’t know how to navigate around Facebook.

I have some old pictures; in fact I have our bunk pictures from 48,49 and Club.

Where do you live? I’m in Philadelphia.
I haven’t been in touch with any of the people you listed. Carol Seitchik is in Boston, Fredericka Lehrman died recently(she had an interesting and traumatic life) Jane Siegels daughter-in-law (Viki Chandler Silver) is on the Truda Facebook page as is Linda Myerowitz’s sister Beth.

I remember Helen Litton; I think she was in Club before us I think I remember Patti Kaplan, who was quite a bit younger .

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Linda Club 1955 (Truda 1947-1955 and counselor 1959 0r 60)

Linda Brick
May 28, 2011 at 1:52 pm

Hi Margot !!

I just stumbled on this site…there is a Facebook group
‘I went to Camp Truda”. It’s an open group; I can see the posts, but I can’t post to it as I’m not an official member. I really don’t know how to navigate around Facebook.

I have some old pictures; in fact I have our bunk pictures from 48,49 and Club.

Where do you live? I’m in Philadelphia.
I haven’t been in touch with any of the people you listed. Carol Seitchik is in Boston, Fredericka Lehrman died recently(she had an interesting and traumatic life) Jane Siegels daughter-in-law (Viki Chandler Silver) is on the Truda Facebook page as is Linda Myerowitz’s sister Beth.

I remember Helen Litton; I think she was in Club before us I think I remember Patti Kaplan, who was quite a bit younger .

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Linda Club 1955 (Truda 1947-1955 a

Just reading those names bring back so many memories!!! Carol Seitchik, Candy Lehrman and on and on. And the train ride was such a hoot and the ferry. My first year, I was 6. I thought Dutchie was a guy! I was in club in 1956 and was Cub Captain that year after being a Tiger for 9 years.

HI Helen – I believe you were in my bunk! I am Shirley Rosenthal Sheerr-Belaga. I lived in Elkins Park, PA and graduated “Club” in 1952. There are very few days that go by that something doesn’t remind me of Truda! I can still smell the pines and feel the wonderful clean lake. Loved camp – best part of my growing up life. If you would like to write me; – Hope to hear from you!!

I went to Truda from 1953-1962 and loved every minute of it. Dotty, Dolly and Ma were there…Dutchie was the head counselor much of the time. I started in Love Nest–someone came in the morning , did my braids and made our beds!! Can you believe that? I was 7—my brothers went to Takajo and then to Tall Timbers.

I am in DC….anyone in the area?

I went to Truda in 1961 and my cabin consisted of Jackie Goldberg, Laurie Yates, and Nancy Stone. I can’t remember the others. I remember a little girl from Boston named Judy Gondelman who was either 4 or 5 years old. The dinner at the close of camp was Cotton Kingdom a plantation theme. There was a maintenance man who we sang to about Jubilation de ragbone. We work him to the bone. Also they song ” To YOu To YOu” which always brings fond memories of sitting inthe dining hall and singing. My sister also went there and we did a duo song in the talent show. Her name is Nancy Helf Feiner

Summer camp is the best . Anyone know of a great house, cottage, or compound on a beautiful lake or the ocean for sale?
Judy Helf Fishman- how could you forget me?! was in that group of girls too! Would love to get together soon. Debbra Shapiro Brown. Just found this site. It’s the best!

Looking for campers or counselors who were at Truda from during Ma Thorners time or during the 40’s and 50’s

Hi Linda,

Yes, I was in Club in 1954. I remember the people you mentioned, though I didn’t know them well. I forgot that Linda Meyrowitz went to Truda; we were in college at Cornell together until she transferred. The people from your year, I think, included Judy Blank and June Schwartz, who I also knew in White Plains. She died about 15 years ago.

The people in my bunk were Lynn Weisman, Conniee Sheerr, Annette Eisenberg, Carol Bernstein, and maybe one other. We had a very small Club. Do you remember any of those people?

The old songs and rituals have stuck with me all these years (I was there for 7 years). I would love to share memories with someone. Please feel free to call me at 914-949-6191. I live in White Plains, NY.


Here I am!! Shirley Rosenthal – graduated Club Bunk in 1952. Went from 1948 until thru’. I was from Elkins Park, PA and now live in Baltimore. My name is Shirley Rosenthal Sheerr-Belaga – I think I know you from EP! Please get in touch with me.
Hope to hear from you!

hi Linda–i was at Truda from the mid ’40s–’50–during the reign of Ma Thorner,Dutchie,Dotty,Dollly, and Anne or was it Jeanne—anyhow this all great fun and wonderfully nostalgic–Do you know me???–i was in a bunk with Gail Gifford,Gale Fox,Patty Joseph and many more that will come back to me later—Audrey Strauss Doniger

Audrey, I’m afraid I don’t remember those names. I went to Truda because my older brother was going to tall Timbers. I wish I had known you. Do the names Barbara Toll and/or Dale Lindenberg mean anything to you? I was from White Plains and they were both from NYC.

Lynda Zengerle
Steptoe & Johnson LLP
1330 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20036
(202) 429-8170 – office
(202) 429-3902 – fax

The information contained in this e-mail message may be privileged, confidential and protected from disclosure. If you are not the intended recipient, any dissemination, distribution or copying is strictly prohibited. If you think that you have received this e-mail message in error, please e-mail the sender at “”. Thank you.

Hi Linda. I just spoke to my sister about how to post a photo/s on Truda website. She said to ask you. I remember you like it was yesterday, as well as Carol your sister. I was at Truda from the age of 9 to through to Club when I was elected Truda Girl. I think in 1957. I actually have many photos I could post but have no idea how to do it. I have read some of these blogs and how “interesting”… Truda was a most special place and my sister and I OFTEN speak about it. To refresh your memory, my mother was in a wheelchair. Best to you for 2017. Always, B

I’m Donni Bortman Rappaport and think I was Truda Girl in 1963 (my math might not be so good) I have been reading everyone’s comments and feel so nostalgic and excited at the possibility of reconnecting with all of you.
So many things to share about our cherished memories of Truda days and years. Please reach me at or text me at 2408930474. Can’t wait to hear from you

Hi Helen,

Club 1955 was a large group and included Judy Blank, Jane Siegel and June Schwartz. I haven’t heard from anyone since around my freshman year of college. I’m sorry to hear that June died; she was a terrific woman.

I remember the people you mention. My parents were very friendly with Connie Sheer’s parents; I know she is still in Philadelphia, but I haven’t seen her in years. LynneWeisman died many years ago of ovarian cancer. Now that we are getting older, I suspect many from our Truda years are no longer.

I am in Philadelphia. You can e-mail me directly or call 215-751-1623.

I’m amazed that people are surfacing. There is a facebook page (I went to Camp Truda) most of the people on it are from the new owners time. I initially registered, but I was getting all sorts of e-mail chats from people that I don’t know, that I left the group. It’s an open group so anyone can see the posts.
I “may’ rejoin, so I can post some old camp photos of people.

I remember your name and all those mentioned above. This is so insane. I should have done this long ago but not very computer literate. I grew up in Wynnewood outside of Philly near Mona Sheerr and moved to Palm Beach FL. I was at Truda for 10 summers, ending at Club in 1956. In 1999 I had the opportunity to sell my PB house and move to a farm not far from Truda and I jumped at it…from silk dresses to muck boots and it is wonderful.

My son went to Powhatan and moved to Bridgton, ME from Thailand to open a restaurant. Wish Ma could only know how strong was her influence~

Hi, I went to Camp Truda from 1965 to 1971, first as a camper then as a CIT, then a counselor. Anyone around from that time?

Darlene Johnson
Judy McConn gave me a wonderful opportunity to be a camp couselor at Camp Truda in 1969. Susan Coakley and I grew up with the McConn family in Pennsylvania. I have so many fond memories of my times at Truda. Especially that rainy night in July when we listened to the Neil Amrstong land on the moon. All the campers and counselors were in gym that night. It was great.
Willa taught us how to make flower bead rings. We used fishing line and all colors of beads. Night talks at the lodge having hot choclate. Wonderful days. I had a great group of girls….Barbara Seidman, Nancy Apes, Marilyn…..are you out there somewhere? Hugs, Darlene
email me if you are there.

Summer camp is the best . Anyone know of a great house, cottage, or compound on a beautiful lake or the ocean for sale?

I only worked at Camp Truda one summer -1972 as the
Drama Counselor. I directed “South Pacific” with a great
group of girls there and also “You’re a Good Man Charlie
Brown”. What a beautiful camp! I still remember the pine
trees as you walked into the camp, the lake, the great food
( I had my first lox and bagel) and the lobster on my days off.
I was from Cleveland – still live there. Anyone remember me?
Anyhow, sad to hear the camp is gone but glad for the memories.

I was on staff 64 – 71. Many Truda alum in the Cleveland area. There is also a ‘I went to Camp Truda’ page on facebook with 100+ members.

Judy McConn Fischlin

I was in your play!!!!! I still remember my lines
Sue Bloom

Just got on the Facebook site and I have no Internet service, so can’t remember if I wrote anything here. Loooooved Truda. 62-69. A loooong time ago but the greatest!

Nancy, I remember your sister Ann fondly, we were the same year at Truda with Dale Wasserman, Joan Goldberg, Susan Norek and others, hers.


You should join the Harrison group on Facebook. Then you’ll be like me. Going down memory lane time and again.

Hi Laura, I was at Truda 1948-54. I was also a Cub captain. I would love to reminisce also. I live in White Plains, NY. Please email or phone me, at 914-949-6191.

Helen Litton Greer

Helen, check out the ‘I went to Camp Truda’ page on facebook. Many Truda alumni are listed in the group. From the early days to the closing days.

This is all so exciting! Think about truda often and don’t know why suddenly had to go to computer and see what happened there.
I think we just missed each other but will be in touch as soon as can. Maybe you knew one of my sisters? (Irene and Connie Lobenthal…2 and 5 years younger than I).
I live in Wilmington, DE — came to Truda from LI. Have since lived in CT, CO. MA, NC…maybe we crosed paths somewhere along the line?
Take good care…and looking forward to our conversations.
Phone #: 302-764-0230.

hi Laura–of course i remember you–you were connies’ big sister—my sister,nancy strauss and connie were the closest of friends and Irene was so beautiful. I had a friend here in Westport,Ct,where i’ve lived for almost 55 years, named Greta Ackerman and one day while pushing our little grandsons at the beach we did the whole where did you go to camp bit and she told me that Irene was her best friend from childhood and sadly a few years later she informed me of her death–so sad—

Hi Laura! You do not know me but I know you!! Connie and I were in the same bunk for 5 years and graduated Club in ’53. My name was Shirley Rosenthal and I lived in Elkins Park, PA (suburb of Phila) It is now Shirley Rosenthal Sheerr-Belaga (my first husband, Eddie Sheerr, died) and I married Lee Belaga from Baltimore where I now live. I would love to know how Connie is doing. I have been in touch with several bunk mates that Connie was very friendly with. If you would like to e-mail me, my address is I would love to hear from you and I would love to get in touch with Connie. Very sincerely, Shirley

All you Truda Alums! I curated an exhibit sponsored by Documenting Maine Jewry on the History of Jewish Summer Camps in Maine. It will be up the entire summer on the third floor of Etz Chaim Synagogue, 267 Congress St., Portland, ME. Please let me know if you have any questions! Nancy Levinsky

Helen, please forward me your email address and I will forward some information to you. Nancy

Hi Nancy,
We are the current owners of The Lodge at camp Truda and have summered here for 34 years. we added a screened porch four years ago and found a signature by the carpenter William Morgan, Bryant Pond May 25,1918. Was this a boy’s camp back then? We’d love to have more history or old pictures. My husband was camp doctor for a 2 week period from 1972-1978 and my girls were campers, Stephanie and Melissa Kaminsky. Sorry we missed your exhibit. We are in Maine for a few more days and will return August 25 . We have loved this place since we first saw it.
Shelley Kaminsky

hi Rochelle–i haven’t done any history on Camp Truda,where i was a very happy camper in the mid’40s-’50s—but i have 2 ex-Truda friends whose fathers’ attended Truda when they were young boys.How lucky you are to live at “Lodge”–i have such fond memories of it–even the infirmary on the top floor—wish i could get up there—Audrey Strauss Doniger

I would love to see it but can’t get to ME. Any chance you could put some of it online?

Helen Litton Greer, Truda ’48-54

I, also, would love to see youyr exhibit, but won’t be able to get to Maine. I’d appreciate it if at all possible, you could email some pix, please.
Many thanks…I am an alum of the early-mid 1940’s…remember VJ Day, sitting in the bigf hall ()forget the name)
Laura Lobenthal Katz

Hi Nancy,

I’m at


I would absolutely love to see this but cannot get to ME this summer. Would someone be able to take photos and post them somewhere? Shirley Rosenthal Sheerr-Belaga

I was a dietician and cook at Camp Truda in the late 60’s. It was always wonderful to see how much fun all the girls were having, and how much everyone loved the cinnamon baked toast. I remember the Dibners and I have one of Martin’s books.

Did you know Charles Dibner? He lives in Scarborough, Maine.

Yes, know him well!

Do you want me to connnect the two of you or are you already in touch with him?

I am in touch via Facebook. Thanks!!

For anyone here who doesn’t know it already, there is going to be a Truda reunion in Cleveland in October. The best way to get information is to check out the FaceBook group at

If you don’t have FB, email me at betseyk(at) and I will forward you the information. The reunion committee seems to really have a great weekend planned.

So looing forward to this wonderful event. I will probably be the oldest there (along with my bunkmates who will be attending). We graduated Club in 1953!! Can’t wait to get some of my pix onto FB. The pix already on just made me cry; so nostalgic. The best part of the year was waiting for summer and going to camp! I guess I (we) can tell you a lot about Ma Thorner – she was a trip!

My mother was on staff at Camp Truda in 1947. She was there for more then the one year, but not sure when. She pasted away several years ago and I am still going through photos. Have come across group photo of the staff in 1947. She talked about the camp often always with a smile. If interested in photo, please contact me.


I was a camper from ’48 to 54. I’d
be interested in seeing the staff photo. Thanks.

If you can give me an address I will gladly send it to you.

Summers ’67–’72, then also CIT…fond memories (struggling w/ a puptent in the rain definitely one of them)

Pam. I was staff 64 – 71 — great memories. Check out the ‘I Went to Camp Truda’ group on facebook. many pictures, etc.

I was a Tiger Captain …63 or so…

Candy Lehrman has died as has Heidi…I remember going to a Lehrman family reunion…My husbands mother was a Lehrman (from the poor side) and I told him that I had gone to cam p with Heidi. He said, you say that about everyone. I said hello to Heidi and the first thing out of her mouth was “Was Dutchie a man or a woman?” Sandy (my husband) was quiet after that!!!!!

I remember Candy and Heidi well. I was almost 6 my first summer and thought Dutchie was a man!

I was co-counselor one summer with Ellen Levy. Do you know how to get in touch with her? I was from Tennessee. Judy Lowe Johnson

We are a far reaching group! I am also in touch with Barbie and Nancy Cohen…

I think we all did….are you sure she wasn’t some kind of combo???

I am in DC often because my younger daughter and husband live in Baltimore; she went to Tapawingo from St. Louis and Chicago because Truda had closed. Still love Maine and Lake Pleasant! Where in DC, are you? see you’re a Realtor, I write all the time for NAR! Barbara

Wow Karen! You’re still there! Sounds like you have a wonderful life. Truda was definitely the best! I went to the reunion last October but I was the oldest there by 20 years! The new owner was there but unfortunately there was not much I could relate to! All sounded the same but obviously no names were familiar. Take care!
Shirley Rosenthal Sheerr-Belaga

I remember much more than he does because I was there long before he was!!! I do remember you too… I am still close to lots of Truda friends… Would live to connect with you when you are here!

Susan, write to me at; do you keep in touch with Marilyn or ??? who went to Smith and sent a daughter to Tapawingo, from NYC, also Barbara ???? an artist?

Thanks for your inquiry. I believe that there was a boys camp called Tall Timbers. The person who can best answer is Charlie Dibner at
Thanks again for your inquiry!

Tall Timbers was the neighboring camp. Truda was a girls camp. I don’t know what year it started but it had nothing to do with Tall Timbers originally. It was sold I think in the 50’s to the Dibners, the owners of Tall Timbers. The previous owner was referred to as Ma Thorner.

“The boys from Tall Timbers will always be….tall dark and handsome and 6 foot 3, the boys we call our own…..they’ll wear braces and glasses and smell of cologne……”
that’s the song we used to sing on the open truck where we would ride to Casco……..

I went for my first summer in 1958 with the Thorners, after choosing Truda over Pinecliffe, Fernwood and Walden–which would have meant waiting until I was 10, not 9. The Thorners then sold to the Dibners and Paul came to my parents’ home to share he was the new owner. I was heartbroken but went back and enrollment was far smaller since many didn’t return, as I recall, hopefully accurately! But it was a terrific summer and I returned again. I took off one summer to go to “camp” in Switzerland to learn French and then two more summers. Decided not to go to my Club year because I was a bit bored by then–oh well, and went to tennis camp, but returned after graduating high school to be a counselor and it was the best summer ever! And I even went on a date with a former Powhatten guy–the other side–after I was divorced! I’ve also gone back to see the former camp twice and always will love it. I sent my two Midwestern raised daughters to camps in Maine because I wanted to experience the same joy of developing life-long friends. I still am in touch with SEVERAL former bunkmates, scattered throughout the country, and I still have my Suns packed away.

oops….boys from tall timbers will NEVER be……

I was a camper from 1953 til 1965… Loved Truda and especially the Lodge! Hope you are enjoying your home!


She will respond if you ask her on the website

What year were you at Truda?


As a reminder, there are loads of Truda girls in a group on FaceBook: It is a great place to connect.

I was one of the chefs at Truda the summer of 1968. Uncle Paul , Aunt Ester,Charlie , Hart , Maurie, and Willa ran the Camp along with Pauls brother Ed and his wife. Many wonderful memories that summer.

Greg, I was staff member 1964 – 71; head counselor 68 – 71. Many great memories. Camp Truda has a group on Facebook – ‘I went to Camp Truda’ –

who made the great French toast with cinnamon dusting; loved it!

I’d love some this morning!!

Come visit me when I’m next in Baltimore seeing my new grandson and his parents, and you can come for breakfast; mine is even better! I’ll be there next April 2, 3, 4, if that works for you at all….BB

Barbara Ballinger? Not sure what that 2 is but I know Barabara Ballinger 1! Remember me?

Ann, I had an email conversation with your sister Nancy and I asked all about you! It’s me, email me at or call 314 692 9881, love to catch up!!! I remember you from Harrison; aren’t you in LA now? I was in the Midwest for 31 years and now back in upstate NYC, and love to touch base. XOXO

would love to catch up if you ever find yourself in DC…\

Yes, Susan,you did. I suggest that you read “The Interestings” by Meg Wolitzer. That’s got what got me started thinking about Truda.

I read it and thought about Truda immediately…I loved the book…where are you now? Still in Forest Hills? Think you moved…..

Susan and Lynda–I will be in Baltimore and Dec. June 29 to July 3 to babysit a bit for my newish grandson but have some time off for good behavior; Susan do you have any evening time that week; Lynda when did you go? I went from 1958-1964 with one year off 1961 when I went to summer camp/school in Switzerland to learn French; I LOVED Truda and am still in touch with a few folks, including some from my bunks. I grew up in Westchester and lived in NYC, then the Midwest for 32 years and am now back East.

Barbara B

probably have free time…lets chat; 202-255-5006

I haven’t been there since my last year….have a wonderful time!

Shirley Rosenthal-Sheerr Belaga – Club ’52. I think I’m leaving a reply for
Audrey Doniger. Your sister emailed me this morning. She was in my bunk in 1948 – 9 and then we never heard from her again, until This morning! I have given her my phone number and hope to hear from her. She will catch you up on all that I know. I hope all is well with you. Truda was by far THE BEST. Lived my winters waiting for summer!!

Shirley-i left a message for you on this site earlier today—nancy has me hooked on this—spoke to susan stern a little while ago–do you remember her??–if you can’t find the message i left for you then call me (got bad hands) 203-259-6856

I lived through winter to get to summer too!
Are you related to Connie or Mona ?


And Pines, Kiwani,robinnest, mowanA

Does anyone remember Pee Wee Grossman and, if so, how to reach her? Lynda Siegel Zengerle, camper, CIT waitress, counselor (finally!) 1954-1962 or so.

Lynda Zengerle
Steptoe & Johnson LLP
1330 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20036
(202) 429-8170 – office
(202) 429-3902 – fax

The information contained in this e-mail message may be privileged, confidential and protected from disclosure. If you are not the intended recipient, any dissemination, distribution or copying is strictly prohibited. If you think that you have received this e-mail message in error, please e-mail the sender at “”. Thank you.

Of course I rem pee wee….but I don’t knoe how to find her

What years were you at Truda? I sure wish I could find Pee Wee.

Lynda Zengerle
Steptoe & Johnson LLP
1330 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20036
(202) 429-8170 – office
(202) 429-3902 – fax

The information contained in this e-mail message may be privileged, confidential and protected from disclosure. If you are not the intended recipient, any dissemination, distribution or copying is strictly prohibited. If you think that you have received this e-mail message in error, please e-mail the sender at “”. Thank you.

You knew me well…Sue Harrison…and I am Debbie Bergers mother…I was there from 52-60 or 62

Sent from my iPad


Of course I know who you are. I just didn’t know what years you were there.

Lynda Zengerle
Steptoe & Johnson LLP
1330 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20036
(202) 429-8170 – office
(202) 429-3902 – fax

The information contained in this e-mail message may be privileged, confidential and protected from disclosure. If you are not the intended recipient, any dissemination, distribution or copying is strictly prohibited. If you think that you have received this e-mail message in error, please e-mail the sender at “”. Thank you.

I was from Scarsdale and at Truda from 1958-1964 with one year away but I saw Barbara Toll, an artist, I believe in NYC at some point in the 1970s!.

I’m sure we overlapped if that is your maiden name. It sounds familiar. I recently found Barbara Toll but she doesn’t remember me.

Sent from my BlackBerry. Please excuse any Typos.

Barbara Toll has an art gallery in New York…

I know. I contacted her but she doesn’t remember me.

Sent from my BlackBerry. Please excuse any Typos.

YEs, it is my maiden name, I live in the Hudson River Valley now and have two daughters, one married in Baltimore and one in NYC and my mom is still with us fortunately at almost 95! I’ve run into Barbara Toll and was very friendly at camp with one of her bunkmates. I loved Truda and sent my girls from the Midwest to camp in Maine because of Truda….ones that were similar….I don’t recall your name but know your law firm since I had been married for 31 years to a lawyer who had been with six firms! Did you love Truda too? I remember Susan Harrison well also. And I’m still in touch with four of my bunkmates.

I remember all of you- Barbara especially but Susan Harrison who was ahead of us and Terri Gershon, too. I can picture all of you! Sometimes I lie in bed at night and try to go through the names of the cabins- was it Mowana, Wigwam, something like Juanita? and Tanda- and then of course Club by the lake, the younger cabins on the other side and then senior camp.

Ann Chanin Gold

You certainly have the cabin names right! I am still in DC although I will be in Martha’s Vineyard last week of July and first week of August…anyone there?

Barbara, I think I was one of your counselors in 1962 with Ellen Levy. I was Judy Lowe from Tennessee

I predated all of you, was a camper from 1948-54, However, I would love to remember all the bunk names. They started with Lovenest, Bunny, Pines, then I think Mowana (don’t remember Wigwam, though I could be wrong), Waneeta and Tanda. In senior camp it started with 4, and ended with Halfway, before Club. Anyone remember them all, in order?
Helen Litton Greer, White Plains, NY

After Pines,…Kiwani ,Robinnest, wigwam, Juanita , Tanda…..I started ln Lovenest when I was 7 with Ma Thorner,etc…a person came in every morning and made the beds…and braided our hair…where is that person now?🙃

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Even I remember you…and I am older!!

susan– are you responding to me , jan corash or to someone else? i can’t figure out this blog and who is responding to whom!!

Bad typo

Yes, Jan…to you!

I was there from 1948 to 1954, and “graduated” from Club at age 14. It must have been amazing to see the old totem pole, etc. In my mind it’s kind of a mythical place, full of rites and rituals that are hard to explain to anyone who hasn’t been there. Imagine singing “Dear Ma Thorner” and songs to the counselors and the other team today! People don’t do that kind of thing anymore.

I believe we were bunkmates?? I was there from ’48 and was in Club in ’52.

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Susan, that’s so nice that you remember me!! Were you perhaps a CIT when I was in club, or maybe you were just a year or two ahead of me???

I don’t remember your name. Here are the names of the girls I remember in my bunk:
Jane Rodgers
Alex Halpern
Mary Jane Fishman
Ronnie Kirsch
Sue Seletsky
I was the 7th which was not ideal as buddies were a pair so one was left out, me. Do you remember any of these girls?much later in life I have met fellow campers. Ellen Jaycee .. Later Haupt.
Burn fire burn .. Remember?😉

Ronnie Kirsh was my junior sister! Ida Jane and Sue were from my suburbs outside Phila. Ronnie still lives on Great Neck. You have a good memory!

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I ran into Phyllis Kirsch about 40 years ago. She recognized me in spite of the fact that I was very pregnant and covered in charcoal having come out of a church in lower Manhattan. ( just completing my last class at Parsons .. )
Now I remember Ida Jane and sue were from philly.

I was a Truda Girl in 1955. I have a picture how do a I post it?.

Are you on face book? They have a large Truda group there. It would be the place to post pictures.

And I remember both of you! Susan (sue) Harrison Berger

Donni, I remember you! I was Sue Harrison…now Berger…

Donni Bortman- I do remember you (I even have a mental picture) but I was a couple of years behind you. I’m not even sure what years I was at Truda- maybe 1959-1964? I have been known to serenade my husband with camp songs. I remember all the words. The cheers too. It gives me pleasure just to picture camp and of course remember the people.
Ann (formerly Chanin) Gold

Ann, I’ve emailed and FB friends with your sister Nancy and I’ve asked all about you! I’m still in touch with Leslie Falk in Fla., Susan Norek in Arizona and Judy Gordon in NH; I’m also FB friends with Susan Berger and Adele Wasserman. I’m now in upstate NY. after 31 years in the Midwest. Are you on FB or email me at, so we can catch up! I posted a few pix when I walked through the camp 2 years ago and loved every minute; I was there from 1958-60=took off 61 to go to Switzerland for French school and then back 62 and 63 and stopped a year before club to go to tennis camp with Susan. XOXO

I am always singing Truda songs…even when they are supposed to be real songs! Susan(Harrison)Berger

Oh my! I found Camp Truda in 2017!!!! I can’t tell you how surprised and how wonderful it is to read all of these posts!
I was at truda starting in about 66. I was in the youngest bunk for two years. I have a fellow bunk mate , Joy Arsham that has posted on here. I read all these posts on here and floods of memories have come back! I was there in that tornado! Does anyone remember watching the moon landing and watching it in the barn? I would love to hear from any of you! I’m trying to get into the FB group too.
My email is

I was a counselor at Camp Truda from 1947 to 1968. My name is Marcella Wise and I was Marcie to the campers and staff. I am 92 years old and live alone with the help of my niece who is typing this message. I would enjoy hearing from anyone who might remember me.

I was a camper from 1953-1962. I remember you! Be well!

MARCY!!! You were my counselor in 1951!! We were in the last bunk before Club. You had an infected finger, thumb, if I remember correctly. My name was Shirley Rosenthal; now Sheerr-Belaga. Some of my bunkmate were Connie Lobenthal, Reba Tanenbaum, Audrey Schaefer, Linda Glickman and a few others. Connie and I went to “camp” last summer. The Lodge was still standing and in good condition. I live I Bsltimore now, used to be in suburbs of Phila. Connie lives in West Hartford; she was from Cedarhurst Long Island. Please email directly at 😍😍

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